Before I start let me first say this “TPUs are fast and with fast i mean crazy fast the biggest bottleneck for TPU is its data loading process”

This article will be focused on how to combine TFrecod format with TPU processing to optimize data loading and minimize the training…

We all have at some point experienced permission denied error, isn’t it frustrating so let’s understand how permissions in linux work.

Linux like many other operating system is multi-user OS therefore to keep each users data safe and block unauthorized access linux enforces 2 level guard

  1. Ownership
  2. Permission

Before we…

What is systemd?

Systemd is a new Initialization system and service manager earlier initialization was done using something called SysVinit scripts but nowadays most of the linux distributions except few like Alpine, Gentoo have already shifted to systemd due to its simplicity and backwards compatibility with SysV.

To completely understand…

Intel Labs and Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Teams are collaborating to research the application of deep learning for malware threat detection. Intel and Microsoft have previously demonstrated that transfer learning from computer vision for malware analysis can achieve highly desirable classification performance.

The companies call the project STAMINA. The main…

Current generation Computer processors have processing speed of around 3Ghz, and while even high end RAM have speed of 2.4Ghz. As you can see this could be a huge bottle neck for Computers this problem is resolved by using something called CPU cache.

In Computers mainly there are two type…

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